NYCMC/Triumph Brooklyn Race Gathering Gallery | RAHOUL GHOSE

Triumph Brooklyn (Bryan Grimes), NYCMC (Larry Morris) and Motorgrrl Garage (Valerie Figarella) played host to some riding legends of past and present July 19 in Williamsburg, a gathering which included America's only winner of the prestigious Isle of Mann TT, Dave Roper, and honored AHRMA national champion Tim Joyce. Roper won the 1984 TT in 1984, posting the fastest lap in his class at 97.21 MPH on his Team Obsolete Matchless G50. The still fully function race bike was also in attendance at Motorgrrl Garage, a last minute venue change after Triumph Brooklyn has some unfortunate luck with their bike lift. Chris Jackson and Kurt Hoff had their hand-built race bikes on display as well to help support the AHRMA family. The event brought out a who's who collection of local moto celebs including builder Keino Sasaki, Distinguished Gentleman's Ride organizers Mike Higgens and Allister Klingensmith, NYC VIN Moto's Rosko, Rev'it!'s Joonil Park, Motoveli Magazine's Ryan Snelson, Spiegel NYC's Shmuel Avital, local photog Peter Domorak, Crü Jones of Lucifer's Pride, Dirty Billy Garage's Adam Gallagher, and Basket Case Productions' Girard Fox and Tim Warner.