Motos and Photos : NYC - Part 4 | Mark Squitieri |   

Despite rain, about 100 people came out for the fourth iteration of Motos and Photos : NYC night, April 25 at Filipacchi in Nolita, at least a dozen even riding in. On the ticket for the off-season get together were photographers Jessie Padilla (@otterlarouche) and Ryan Handt (@ryanhandt), as well moto artist Douglas Thompson (@tempusdeficit). The evening attracted a host of regulars, including past speakers Dean 'Chooch' Landry and Allan Tannenbaum, as well as more than few fresh faces.

Sponsors included NEXX North America -- who provided an X-Garage Devon helmet for the raffle, Moto Spirits -- who sampled their Brooklyn distilled whiskey, Godspeed Company -- who threw in a custom hat for the draw, and Prince St. Pizza -- who supplied a bevy of pies for guests. Many thanks to our sponsors, host, volunteers and attendees for making it another successful event.

M&P Board: Rahoul Ghose, Ryan Snelson, Kirsten Midura and Mike Higgins