Moto Maintenance 101 @ MotorGrrl Garage Gallery | RAHOUL GHOSE

One of the mandates of NYC Motorcyclist is rider education; we're a firm believer in encouraging the DIY attitude in all motorcycle owners, whether it means doing your own maintenance, or just simply knowing how your ride works so you can identify issues before they become hazards.

So, with @motorgrrl garage's kind permission, we shot a recent Moto Maintenance 101 course at the Williamsburg shop. Led by moto enthusiast Jason Hodrinsky (@jhodro), who has been wrenching on motorcycles for more than a decade, the four-hour course led participants through a tour of their bikes, from battery and fluid checks, chain lubrication, spark plug removal and assessment, clutch cable tension, and finally an oil and filter change.

It's a course all riders should do whether they're new to the moto scene, or veteran riders in need of a refresher. Education is power.