The MISS-FIRES Blood Drive: Gallery | MARK SQUITIERI

The power of community ... local women's moto club The MISS-FIRES rallied behind two of their own and the Brooklyn borough this Saturday in Williamsburg, hosting a Blood Drive as a thanks.

One month ago, two of their riders were hit by a car during a ride. While cruising down the road, a driver made an illegal left turn in front of them, not having paid attention to oncoming traffic. Both women were hospitalized, and were it not for modern medicine and blood transfusions, the results would have been very different. Now, both these women are home and on the mend. In their honor, The MISS-FIRES held a blood drive at Triumph Brooklyn, Dec. 8, drawing out a host of familiar faces to donate.

Look for more opportunities to donate in the future. You can follow The MISS-FIRES at @themissfires